Crypt Talk – ep17

Just when you thought you were finally safe, at last free from that which had been such a regular distress in your life, CryptTalk returns with renewed force!

Or… is this but a final death spasm before the monstrosity of CryptTalk at long last perishes? Watch and find out!

CryptTalk – ep13

This week we take a closer look at the artificial intelligence opponent we are creating for Crypt Brawlers, which we recently have started to put back into the new version. As of now, it mostly hits you as much as it can, but our intention is to have it make decisions based on what happens around it.

CryptTalk – ep12

CryptTalk is back for the new year, and we are mostly just saying hi. To make it a little less awkward a skeleton 3D sculpt is rotating slowly on the screen.

Not sure if that helps…

CryptTalk – ep11

This is the last CryptTalk for this year. We will be back in January after a short winter break.

News for this week: there are Orcs everywhere!

We wanted to see what an animated and pre-rendered model would look like in the game, so we used an old Orc model we had on a hard drive somewhere.

What do you think?

Crypt Talk – Ep10

For the past 10 days we have worked on a quick gamejam game called Legends of Ith.

The gamejam was inspired by NES, and we made a hack-n-slash platformer with randomized level progression.

The game can be downloaded and played here.

Crypt Talk – Ep09

Welcome to the most epic Crypt Talk so far!

We have added graphics in the backgrounds, we have original music by Paul Bergman, we have energy meters, double jump, ultimate attacks and almost everything else you can think of.

Put on your cerebral blast-shields, ’cause this will blow your mind!